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    Elasticity Long Knee Protector

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    Elastic knee protector
    It is a type of knee support designed to provide compression and support to the knee joint. It is typically made from an elastic material that stretches to fit snugly around the knee, providing warmth and stability to the joint. Elastic knee protectors are commonly used to alleviate knee pain and discomfort, prevent knee injuries, and aid in recovery from knee surgery or other knee conditions.

    FIT FOR 
    Running, mountain climbing, riding, football, basketball, tennis, old cold leg, fitness, baseball, obstacle course runs savage, driving, cycling, football, golf, skiing skating, weight lifting, boxing, hiking.


    • Shin Guards provide total protection and warmth from your calf to thigh, feature a superior elongated 3D design, and provide a perfect 360° fit.
    • Knee Pads can effectively protect the knee, utilizes the best compression technology for total protection, and slow impact, and decompression to distribute the pressure on the knee.
    • Knee Pads for Women can effectively relax the knee and features true progressive compression, great for people of all ages.
    • Kids Shin Guards are not easy to slip, stay in place no matter what you're doing, the top is designed with double non-slip silicone strips.
    • Adult Knee Pads are delicately sewn upper and lower cuffs that fit snugly around the leg, lightweight, breathable 3D knit fabric provides all-day comfort, and does not limit your mobility.

    1 x Long Knee Sleeve

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