Pu Boxing Punching Ball

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Do you want to develop the hand speed and quick reflexes of a boxer or MMA fighter? 
This smart yet simple punching ball headband will help you get there! Featuring a small, soft, and lightweight punching ball, and a headband, which is tied together by a stretchy elastic rope, this product tests your ability to land accurate punches with little time to react to the unpredictable nature of the ball's returning direction which must be tamed by good punching technique. Also, this product can test your lateral agility if you choose to mix in hitting the returning balling with dodging the returning ball. Completely safe, incredibly fun, and addictive! Push your athletic ability to the highest level, and order your punching ball headband today!

The boxing speed reflex headset comes with 3 different boxing balls corresponding to multiple difficulty levels: newbie, veteran, and boxer. 3 difficulty levels for you to take it step by step.

The boxing ball set is portable, so you can practice your skills anywhere anytime. Really funny toy for a family's spare time wherever at home, the gym, or on vacation Perfect for a short break in the office, school, or play on the beach and the park.


  • This boxing reflex ball is a great choice to improve your reaction, agility punching speed, fight skill, hand-eye coordination training, and Fitness whether you are an adult or kid, boxing enthusiast or professional boxer
  • We provide an adjustable headband, it's also suitable for children as the weight of the ball will not pull the headband down. The ball is much lighter than tennis, it is just 20g, specific design for novices
  • The length of the string will be different for everyone. Find what feels pleasant and establish good rhythm and timing. Set up the string so that your punches have room to fully extend and turn over. Start simple. Stand and fire. As you improve, begin to add steps, angles, and level changes. It is a nice piece for a training regiment to help "slow down" this high-speed sport to a place where you can react
  • Exercise is crucial for a healthy life. the reflex ball is a good alternative for cardio training. It will work for all muscle groups and let you enjoy the fun of boxing in your spare time. It can greatly mobilize every muscle in your body and make you energetic in your work and life.

Package Include

Color & Option: A 25g red ball set